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vSphere with Tanzu 101

An introduction to vSphere with Tanzu.

About This Course

vSphere with Tanzu: application-focused management for streamlined development, agile operations, and accelerated innovation. Applications can be deployed using any combination of virtual machines, containers and Kubernetes.


We recommend taking the Introduction to VMware Tanzu Portfolio course prior to taking the vSphere with Tanzu 101 course.

We also recommend completing the ModernApps Ninja 101 course to learn about the community resources available to support this course and maximize your learning experience.

This course assumes familiarity with Kubernetes and Cloud Native Technologies. If you are not familiar with these technologies, we recommend checking out KubeAcademy by VMware, which has a terrific set of free, bite-size video resources on the basics of containers, Kubernetes and cloud native that are great for beginners.

Before taking this course, you should also have familiarity with vSphere administration. If you need additional background in vSphere, we recommend checking out VMware Hands on Labs, which offers a number of vSphere labs and content.

Staff Members

This course is supported by the ModernApps Ninja Community

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